STEP 10. Coaching Business Growth: Strategically Post on SOCIAL MEDIA

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Ready to learn valuable insights on how to avoid wasting time and energy on ineffective social media use, and instead, develop a strategic approach to maximize your results?

You'll also hear the importance of defining your purpose for posting, choosing the right platform, and repurposing content to optimize your time and energy.

Highlights from this Episode of THE COACHING BUSINESS GROWTH ROADMAP Limited Series Podcast:

00:02 Introduction to the Coaching Business Growth Roadmap
02:40 Avoiding negative self-comparison on social media
08:31 Determining your purpose for posting on social media
10:06 Choosing the right platform for your social media strategy
13:06 Using social media as a conversion strategy
14:20 Balancing fun and strategy in social media posting
15:35 Tips for creating content based on your posting purpose
16:49 Repurposing content to optimize time and resources
18:46 Understanding the limitations of relying solely on social media for client acquisition

Tune in for these useful strategies! Don't get stuck in the trap of negative self-comparison or relying solely on social media for client conversion.

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