STEP 9. Coaching Business Growth: Set Up Your CONSULTS to Sell with Confidence & CONVERT PROSPECTS

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Are you ready to set up your consults to sell with confidence and convert prospects into paying clients?

Listen to this episode for valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate the consult process.

Highlights from this Episode of THE COACHING BUSINESS GROWTH ROADMAP Limited Series Podcast:

00:02 - Introduction to Coaching Business Growth
01:15 - Setting Up Consults for Sales Success
03:11 - Tips for Zone One: Manic Imposter Zone
04:36 - Strategies for Zone Two: Over-Deliver and Under-Charge
06:11 - Advancing to Zone Three: Value Yourself More
07:13 - Transitioning to Zone Four: Scaling Strategies
09:00 - The Art of Attraction-Based Selling
13:14 - Getting Consults on the Calendar and Follow-Up Practices
22:45 - Actions Steps & Conclusion

From understanding the art of selling to getting consults on the calendar and following up effectively, get ready to unlock the secrets to selling with confidence and growing your coaching business.

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