STEP 4. Coaching Business Growth: Create Your 5-STAR CUSTOMER PROFILE

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Knowing your avatar inside and out is crucial for attracting clients and reaching six-figure success.

This episode will guide you through the process of narrowing your niche and understanding the psychographics of your ideal clients.

Highlights from this Episode of THE COACHING BUSINESS GROWTH ROADMAP Limited Series Podcast:

00:00:23 - Creating Your Customer Profile
00:03:01 - Narrowing Your Niche for Faster Growth
00:07:28 - Focusing on Psychographics Over Demographics
00:09:02 - The Five Points of Customer Focus
00:10:36 - Evolving Your Understanding of Your Avatar
00:13:35 - Revisiting Your Customer Profile for Business Evolution

By understanding their problems, pain points, and desires, you can make your clients feel seen, heard, and understood.

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