STEP 2. Coaching Business Growth: How to SET UP YOUR BUSINESS ENTITY for 6-Figure Success

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How do you set up your business entity for 6-figure success? Listen and find out!

This episode coves the 5 steps you need to take.

Highlights from this Episode of THE COACHING BUSINESS GROWTH ROADMAP Limited Series Podcast:

00:02 - Introduction & The Necessity of Business Setup
03:25 - Law of Attraction in Business Setup
05:43 - Step 1: Creating an LLC
09:01 - Step 2: Applying for an EIN
09:32 - Step 3: Opening a Business Checking Account
00:10:03 - Step 4: Setting Up Payment Processing
00:10:56 - Step 5: Creating a Promo Page
00:12:31 - Time Management and Business Priorities
00:13:45 - The Business Essentials Checklist

This may not be the most exciting topic, but it's absolutely essential if you want to treat your coaching business like a serious business.

Don't let these steps hold you back from reaching your six-figure goals. Remember, professionals see opportunities, while amateurs see roadblocks.

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