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S4:E4. The Top 5 Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur

Jul 07, 2023
S4:E4. The Top 5 Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur

🎙️ In this podcast episode, I discuss the top 5 characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur and the importance of living by the principle of "Be, Do, Have."

🌞 I emphasize the need for a morning and evening routine that works best for each individual, as well as the significance of good sleep and a responsive mindset.

⭐ ️Taking control of your life and business is crucial, and I encourage you to become conscious, mindful, and deliberate creators of their reality.

🔑 Being vision-driven and operating in one's Zone of Genius is key to feeling energized and fulfilled.

🪐 The universe supports individuals in figuring out what they want through the Law of Contrast, whether it's in dating or business building.

⏳ It is important to master oneself to use time wisely and increase productivity.

🚀 Enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship and creating win-win exchanges.

Listen to Learn:

👉 The characteristics and qualities of an Inner Power Entrepreneur
👉 The Importance of Morning & Evening Routines
👉 How to Take Control of Your Life and Business
👉 How to Be Responsive and Responsible in Creating Your Reality
👉 How to Master Your Time & Productivity

Highlights from this Episode, S4:E4 of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:02:24 - Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur
00:04:44 - Quote: "And for me, I love what I do so much that I wouldn't change much if I were completely 100% financially free."
00:06:48 - Importance of Morning and Evening Routines for Inner Power Entrepreneurs
00:09:00 - Quote: "Know what works best for you and do that."
00:11:19 - Taking Control of Your Life and Business
00:13:40 - Quote: "Everything I teach is about you getting conscious. It's about you being mindful. It's about you being a deliberate creator of your reality."
00:00:00 - Characteristics of an Inner Power Entrepreneur
00:02:29 - Quote: "The goal is to build a business that we love, that gives us time and money freedom, whatever that means to us."
00:17:38 - Becoming an Inner Power Entrepreneur
00:20:02 - Quote: "Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, and so any time you want something different on the outside, you've got to change what's within."
00:08:52 - Responsiveness and Responsibility in Creating Your Reality
00:11:24 - Quote: "You are a responsive mindset master because you choose to get up every day, align yourself, create your reality, design your future by getting energetically aligned and by doing the things that I talk about here every episode."
00:13:33 - The Power of Being Vision Driven and in Your Zone of Genius
00:15:47 - Quote: "That's how I think of productivity. You're being productive when you're getting to do things you love, it gets high reward, and you're enjoying it, it's magnetizing money, it's magnetizing opportunities, it's magnetizing all the things you say you consciously want, that's you being a high ROI time master."
00:19:57 - Mastering Time and Productivity

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