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S4:E15. How Your Inner Power Controls All of Your SUCCESS AS AN ENTREPRENEUR

Sep 20, 2023
S4:E15. How Your Inner Power Controls All of Your SUCCESS AS AN ENTREPRENEUR

What are your thoughts on the Law of Attraction? …The most important Universal Law? …Or, a bunch of B.S.?

Listen to S4:E15 as I address any skepticism or charges you may have about the Law of Attraction and explain that it's all about energy and living in a state of energy.

We are energetic beings with a measurable frequency, and the way we show up in the world attracts what we experience.

Inner Power comes from being a conscious, deliberate creator by aligning your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and actions. When these aspects are aligned, you become a magnet for success.

Highlights from this Episode, S4:E12 of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:06 - Introduction: Aligning Energy, Mindset, and Business Growth Habits for Entrepreneurial Success
00:19 - Manifesting Entrepreneurial Success: Setting and Fulfilling Goals
00:28 - The Power of Inner Energy in Entrepreneurial Success
01:14 - Understanding the Law of Attraction and its Skepticism
02:21 - Living in a Quantum Field of Energy: The Law of Attraction Explained
03:26 - Overcoming Powerlessness and Embracing Inner Power
04:21 - Reprogramming Yourself for Success: The Journey Begins
06:14 - Defining Inner Power: Conscious, Deliberate Creation
07:13 - The Role of Feelings in Manifestation and Attraction
08:35 - Reprogramming Yourself: Choosing Inner Power Daily
10:05 - Recognize, Reframe, Repeat: The Inner Power Formula
13:03 - The Power of Thoughts, Beliefs, and Actions in Manifestation
17:35 - Taking Action: Simple Steps to Reprogram Yourself for Success
22:38 - Sharing Your Success: Connect with Dr. Amanda on Social Media

Your feelings are your guide to what you will attract, and by choosing to feel high vibe and positive, you plant seeds for future success. Reprogram yourself and choose different thoughts and beliefs to manifest different outcomes.

Listen to learn a simple action step to Reprogram - Write down something you're struggling with in one column, what you want instead in the second column, and an affirmative statement in the third column. This helps reprogram your mind and focus on what you want to attract. Repeat this affirmation regularly and even set it as your phone wallpaper to remind yourself of your Inner Power and ability to manifest success.

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You have the power to attract what you desire, so embrace your Inner Power and create the life and business you dream of!

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