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S4:E1. [INTRO] How to Align with Your INNER POWER to GET WHAT YOU WANT in Life & Business

Jun 28, 2023
S4:E1. [INTRO] How to Align with Your INNER POWER to GET WHAT YOU WANT in Life & Business


Welcome to the very first episode of the INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR podcast! This episode is all about getting aligned with your INNER POWER to GET WHAT YOU WANT in life and business.

If you're feeling frustrated and stuck in your business, constantly chasing success but never quite reaching it, then you are not alone! You may be pouring countless hours and energy into your business, yet not seeing the results you desire. You may be struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or fear of failure. Perhaps you're taking on too much and burning out, or not taking enough action and feeling stagnant. Whatever the case, the pain is real and it's time for a change. It's time to tap into your inner power, align with your purpose and values, and unleash the success you deserve.

In this episode, you will learn how to:

⭐ Uncover the key to unlocking your inner strength for personal and professional growth.
⭐ Understand the value of infusing your mornings with uplifting energy and high vibes.
⭐ Grasp the concept of aligning your vibrations with your goals and aspirations.
⭐ Explore mind-mapping methods that set a clear trajectory for success.
⭐ Embrace the power of an inner-power-centric mindset to achieve consistent progress.
⭐ Match your energy with high vibe frequencies to get what you want!

00:00 - Introduction

In the first episode of Inner Power Entrepreneur podcast, Dr. Amanda Barrientez introduces herself and the podcast. She explains that the podcast aims to help growth-minded entrepreneurs align with their inner power and achieve their goals in life and business. She also shares the topics she will cover in the podcast, such as inner power, mindset, stress management, and manifestation.

06:56 - How to Align with Your Inner Power

To align with one's inner power, Dr. Amanda emphasizes the importance of matching one's energy with high-vibe frequencies like joy, gratitude, and appreciation. She explains that one must first align with the frequency to attract what they want. It's not the other way around, where one thinks they'll get happy once they have what they're seeking.

09:37 - The Importance of Alignment Every Day
Dr. Amanda stresses the importance of aligning one's energy every day, first thing in the morning. This is because when one wakes up, they are starting out the energy of the new day and setting up what's next. She gives examples of how one can set a high-vibe frequency for the day, such as focusing on joy, appreciation, and gratitude.

11:25 - Be, Do,Have
Dr. Amanda explains that to attract what one wants, they must first be energetically aligned and match the frequency. It's not the other way around. One must not trick themselves into thinking they'll be happy once they have what they're seeking because wherever you go, there you are.

14:21 - Feelings of Powerlessness
In this chapter, Dr. Amanda talks about her personal experience of feeling powerless. She encourages listeners to reflect on their own moments of powerlessness and how it made them feel. She emphasizes the importance of shifting to a state of power, as it leads to a more positive outlook and attracts possibilities.

16:01 - Inner Power Daily™
Dr. Amanda introduces her new brand, Inner Power Daily™. She talks about how her transformation started with power and how most people who come to her for money healing end up with a sense of inner power. She encourages listeners to choose inner power daily, as it is a choice, habit, and mindset.

20:24 - Manifestation and Magnetism
In this chapter, Dr. Amanda explains how the Law of Attraction works through manifestation and magnetism. She emphasizes the importance of aligning thoughts and emotions with positive high-vibe energy to attract successful outcomes. She reminds listeners that they are always manifesting and attracting based on their energy.

23:21 - Choose Inner Power Daily™
Dr. Amanda emphasizes the importance of aligning with inner power daily to design the life and business you love. She encourages listeners to check out her website,, where they can access a free three-video course that provides powerful strategies for getting aligned with inner power.

24:20 - Your Action Step for Today

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 "Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so if you don’t like what you’re getting on the outside (money), change what’s within (mindset).” - Dr. Amanda -