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S4:E11. EPISODE 300 CELEBRATION + GET STARTED NOW to Build Long Term Business Success

Aug 23, 2023
S4:E11. GET STARTED NOW to Build Long Term Business Success

Trying to build long-term business success? Waiting for the perfect time to start? There will never be a "perfect" time because success is not about timing, it's the result of daily habits and taking action.

So, GET STARTED NOW with this week’s podcast, EPISODE 300 CELEBRATION + GET STARTED NOW to Build Long Term Business Success.

Highlights from this Episode, S4:E11 of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:00 - Introduction: Align Your Energy, Mindset, and Habits for Business Success
00:19 - Celebrating Episode 300: Get Started Now for Long-Term Business Success
01:20 - Giveaway Announcement: Free Month in Inner Power Daily Membership Program
02:15 - Inner Power Daily Membership Program Overview: Daily Learning for Entrepreneurs
03:16 - The Importance of Getting Started and Taking Action in Your Business
04:46 - Connect to Your Why: Establishing a Long-Term Vision for Success
05:36 - James Clear's Atomic Habits: Success as the Product of Daily Habits
07:20 - Inspirational Quotes: Henry Ford on Building a Reputation through Action
08:15 - Walt Disney's Advice: Quit Talking and Begin Doing
10:11 - Bruce Lee's Warning: Overthinking Leads to Inaction
11:54 - Earl Nightingale's Reminder: Time Will Pass Anyway, Start Now
13:11 - Overcoming Procrastination: Create a 30-Day Action Plan
15:23 - Start Where You Are: Benjamin Franklin's Advice for Taking Action
19:00 - Robert Kiyosaki's Analogy: Waiting for All Green Lights Before Starting
23:58 - Lao Tzu's Wisdom: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

Connect to your why and have a long-term vision that inspires and guides you. Take action, avoid procrastination, and start from where you are with what you have. Create a 30-day action plan, taking one small step each day, and track your progress to see the tangible results you can achieve.

Let go of perfectionism and the idea that everything needs to be right before you start. Instead, embrace the mantra of "screw perfection, just get started" and take that first step today.

To celebrate our 300th episode, I'm giving away five free spots in my Inner Power Daily Membership Program for one month. Spots are limited, so listen now for details. The Membership program is designed to support entrepreneurs in their daily mindset and energy alignment, helping them manifest the life and business they love.

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