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50. 5 Law of Attraction Lessons for Entrepreneurs from THE GAP AND THE GAIN

Mar 20, 2024
50. 5 Law of Attraction Lessons for Entrepreneurs from THE GAP AND THE GAIN

“The real reward of progress is not what you achieve, but who you become along the way.”

What are your thoughts on the quote above? ⬆️ Do you agree?

If you are ready to step into a GAIN mindset as an entrepreneur, tune in to this episode and learn how to shift from a GAP to a GAIN mindset and celebrate your wins daily.

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Highlights from this Episode:

00:00 - Introduction to Law of Attraction for Entrepreneurs
00:23 - Overview of "The Gap and the Gain"
01:06 - Aligning the Book with Inner Power Concepts
02:19 - Law of Attraction for Entrepreneurs Program
04:48 - Measuring Success: Gap vs. Gain
05:29 - Key Law of Attraction Quotes from the Book
08:41 - Gain Mindset and Upward Spiral Growth
13:39 - Gap Mindset and Downward Spiral of Unhappiness
21:13 - Embracing Wants Over Needs
25:26 - Happiness as the Starting Point for Goals
29:09 - Celebrating Entrepreneurial Wins: Law of Attraction Success Journey
35:50 - Recap and Action Steps

Explore these transformative Law of Attraction lessons in more detail and discover how you can apply them to elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

Remember, your mindset is a powerful tool in manifesting your goals and dreams!

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