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49. 5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business

Mar 13, 2024
49. 5 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business

Are you making these mistakes in your coaching business?

Tune in to this episode to discover the 5 mistakes business coaches often make in their business, and learn how to avoid them by aligning your mindset to attract more clients and achieve financial success.

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Highlights from this Episode of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:00:00 - Introduction to Six-Figure Coaching Strategies
00:01:47 - Personal Business Journey Insights
00:03:33 - Zones of Business Growth
00:04:04 - The Importance of Making Money
00:05:16 - The Law of Attraction in Business
00:05:49 - Mistake #1: Not Being Law of Attraction Driven
00:09:20 - Mistake #2: Not Mastering Your Money Mindset
00:10:03 - Mistake #3: Scattered Energy
00:13:14 - Mistake #4: Not Being Packaged to Profit
00:16:03 - Mistake #5: Being Afraid to Invest in Experts
00:20:07 - Final Thoughts and Next Steps
27:58 - Taking Action: Start Building Your Six-Figure Business Today

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