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S4:E7. 4 Zones of BUSINESS SCALING that Lead to Your Zone of Manifestation Success

Jul 26, 2023
S4:E7. 4 Zones of Business Scaling that Lead to Your Zone of Manifestation

In this episode, discover which Zone you're in on the business scaling roadmap so you can get to Zone 4, the Zone of Manifestation, where all the magic happens!



1️⃣ The 1st Zone is The Manic-Imposter Zone, where entrepreneurs are bursting with excitement and ideas but feel like they have no idea what they're doing.

2️⃣ The 2nd Zone is The Overdeliver & Undercharge Zone, where many entrepreneurs get stuck. In this Zone, individuals tend to take on too much, undervalue their worth, and struggle to make consistent income.

3️⃣ The 3rd Zone is The Value-Yourself-More Zone, where entrepreneurs realize that working excessively hard is no longer sustainable. They prioritize self-worth, value themselves more, and start freeing up time.

4️⃣ The 4th & final Zone (and where we all want to be) is the Zone of Manifestation, where building a business becomes joy-filled and easy, and individuals become money magnets.

👉 Learn about the symptoms of each Zone and the action steps needed to move forward.

📈 Let’s discuss the importance of daily mindset growth, narrowing your focus, refining your products and offerings, and treating your business like a business. Let’s dive into profitability tracking, analyzing what is working, and implementing lead generation systems.

🚀 To reach the Zone of Manifestation, you must prioritize daily mindset growth work, value yourself more, and stay consistent in your efforts.

📍 By following the roadmap, you can achieve exponential growth, attract clients and opportunities, and experience joy and ease in your life and business.

🌀 If you’re feeling stuck in your current Zone, let’s chat! I love to help individuals overcome unconscious blocks and stay in their Zone of Manifestation! Rapid Biz Growth Call 

Highlights from this Episode, S4:E7 of THE INNER POWER ENTREPRENEUR PODCAST:

00:00 - Introduction to the Inner Power Entrepreneur Podcast and the Four Zones of Business Scaling
02:36 - Understanding and overcoming imposter syndrome in business
05:03 - Transitioning from the Manic Imposter Zone to the Over Deliver and Under Charge Zone
07:19 - Moving from the Over Deliver and Under Charge Zone to the Value Yourself More Zone
09:39 - Priorities for pre-six figures entrepreneurs in the Over Deliver and Under Charge Zone
11:44 - Building a social media platform and daily mindset growth
14:06 - Symptoms of being stuck in the Over Deliver and Under Charge Zone
16:21 - Focusing and refining your brand for success
18:45 - Overcoming the Over Deliver and Under Charge Zone
21:06 - Importance of narrowing focus and expanding brand identity
23:23 - Moving towards the Value Yourself More Zone and freeing up time
25:49 - Recognizing and prioritizing self-worth in the Value Yourself More Zone
28:18 - Achieving the Zone of Manifestation and exponential financial growth
30:40 - Living in the Zone of Manifestation and overcoming self-sabotage
33:03 - Staying in Your Zone of Manifestation and avoiding distractions

Watch the full episode and download the Road Map here >>> The Zone of Manifestation Roadmap 

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