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351. 5 Reasons Why JOURNALING Will Help You Get Aligned to Grow Your Business

Jun 19, 2024
351. 5 Reasons Why JOURNALING Will Help You Get Aligned to Grow Your Business

Feeling overwhelmed with your business goals? 🤯

Journaling can help you gain clarity, set achievable goals, and celebrate your wins along the way.

Turn on your money magnetism and experience massive growth in your business!


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Highlights from this Episode:
00:00 - Introduction
01:45 - Overcoming the Blank Page: Using Templates
04:15 - Reason 1: Clarity and Vision
05:09 - Inner Power Formula: Recognize, Reframe, Repeat
07:46 - Journaling Questions for Clarity and Vision
09:09 - Identifying Your Zone of Genius
10:24 - Drop, Automate, Delegate (DAD) System
12:32 - Reason 2: Goal Setting and Manifestation
16:22 - Avoiding Desperation in Wants Journaling
18:21 - Reason 3: Overcoming Bottlenecks
20:49 - DAD System for Efficiency
21:41 - Reason 4: Tracking Progress and Celebrating Wins
22:24 - The Gap and the Gain Concept
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00:23:48 - Wins Journal
00:25:01 - Staying in the Gain
00:25:43 - Reason 5: Energetic Alignment
00:26:04 - Cultivating a Relationship with Yourself
00:29:56 - Key Journal Takeaways

Get aligned with your business goals through energetic alignment and inspired learning with journaling!


🎧 Listen Now: 351. 5 Reasons Why JOURNALING Will Help You Get Aligned to Grow Your Business